Viafix: 5 reasons

  1. Viafix accomplishes fast and easy sales from online AND offline advertisements.
  2. Viafix delivers real time reports that provide detailed insight in response development by media and by time slots.
  3. Viafix accomplishes higher conversion rates through all conceivable media.
  4. Viafix provides third party response reports and thereby enables CPC / CPS tariff schemes for all types of offline advertising.
  5. Viafix offers direct access to advertising data and sharing of meta data between publishers and advertisers.

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Increase conversion rates without effort

Viafix enables consumers to easily and immediately satisfy order or participation impulses. Because of the limited context (on a need to decide basis) and low response thresholds, unnecessary delays and adjustments are greatly reduced. This makes Viafix the most powerful way to measurable advertising results in terms of engagement (clicks) and conversion (leads / sales) from offline advertising.

While used in online advertising, the conversion is increased because an abundance of content and alternative propositions in (web) shops and sites no longer have a chance to derive and/or cause doubt. The consumer remains within the exclusive context of the proposition, also within the app, and completes the order or registration process within two clicks.

Viafix can also be applied in digital or paper folders and inside direct marketing messages.

Viafix will prove cost saving (by order intake process), data quality enhancing, response insight improving and conversion rate enhancing.

Building a proper proposition-specific response page for online advertisements requires considerable time, effort and money. Given that the response volume is unclear at times. Through Viafix, proper response collection can be set up easily, quickly and free of charge. Using your own images and text. For the actual response a small fee per response record will apply. The execution of polls is always completely free by the way. The use of Viafix thus lowers the threshold for undertaking new and more targeted actions.

Since every advertisement will carry a different response code easily and free of charge, it will be possible to verify exactly where the response came from. The reporting environment inside the free user account will help to make this transparent.

Since it is also possible to scan the barcode on a product (package), each individual product will become a direct sales channel when findable inside your own webshop or those of the Viafix partners. This will prove ideal for product samples, gadgets and low frequency repeat orders (slow movers) such as vacuum cleaner bags and perfume.