Viafix: be found

Viafix offers producers a chance to literally let their products sell themselves. Numerous products are appreciated and perhaps also coveted by many every single day. Consider, for example, fashion or the design of a restaurant. It is great to want that beautiful coat, bag or vase but finding it is often impossible. By adding a small code or product name one can be put on the right track and through Viafix the product is found and ordered in two clicks.

I want to know more about direct sales channels without visible competition.

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Repeat orders with ease

Viafix is ​​ideal for re-ordering as well. In the shop the competition is always nearby and a switch done in no time. Using Viafix however, the same purchase will be repeated quickly and easily, without the probability of confusion.

Occasionally it can be difficult to launch new products on the market. Resellers do not always like to participate from the start. Through Viafix however, every advertisement is a sales channel and an easy launch of your product is guaranteed.