Viafix: 5 reasons

  1. Viafix offers real time insight into online AND offline advertisement response
  2. Viafix provides third party response reports and thereby enables CPC / CPS tariff schemes for all types of offline advertising.
  3. Viafix offers direct access to advertising data and sharing of meta data between publishers and advertisers.
  4. Viafix increases involvement of the audience with the advertising medium and your publications.
  5. Viafix increases and diversifies advertising space sales.

YES, I need insight in offline response numbers and conversion rates of my advertisers.

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New opportunities in a user friendly portal

Viafix offers new opportunities for advertising space providers. The use of Viafix in advertisements has numerous advantages for these providers:

  • The advertising medium will become more valuable through fun promotions and benefits from privileges.
  • The advertisement value will increase:
    • Direct sales from direct orders;
    • Lead generation with win promotions;
    • Impact data at individual ad level (advertising form, proposition, location, time and medium).
  • Improved insight into response differences between advertisers, so for example also into the future value of customers.
  • Improved insight into differences in response between advertising form, proposition, location, time and medium, which entails improved advisory to customers.
  • Improved insight into the interests of the medium range, for example also better input for editors and designers.
  • Meta data sharing between publishers and advertisers for more effective target group profiling and anonymized profile sales.

Viafix offers publishers, outdoor advertisers and other providers of advertising space a portal that can be integrated into their own site. This portal offers customers (advertisers) the following options:

  • Creating code numbers with associated templates containing the offer;
  • Downloading code images for placement inside advertisements;
  • Secure downloading of response data (data string and signature pdf of agreement);
  • Access to response reports.

The portal offers a comprehensive reporting environment to the providers themselves about all customer response to the codes created by the provider. No costs are involved for the provider. However, promotional support is expected from the supplier, for example through advertisements explaining the app and/or editorial coverage.