Viafix: reduce stock

Viafix is ​​for retailers who would like to see less stock and checkout systems and more assortment on shop displays. Who would want to focus more explicitly on displaying and inspiring. Who would want to make purchasing easier by eliminating checkout counter queues and lugging products. In order for their customers to have that new duvet, winter coat or attractive side table delivered at home without the need to visit the checkout counter.

Now this will make shopping become real fun. The price efficiency and assortment of the webshop combine with inspiration and service from the brick and mortar branch: a combination the consumer will love to see.

I want to offer additional product information in the shop AND know which products are scanned in the shop but not sold.

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Reducing purchase barriers

Viafix is ​​also for retailers who want to reach new customers and retain existing ones. After all, many purchasing decisions are made at times when people are not in a (web) shop, but on the road or in the bathroom. The smartphone is often still within reach and through Viafix a convenience order is quickly submitted. Viafix will bring the shop to the attention of a new or existing customer at exactly the right time, especially when someone does not want to go shopping, but just wants to fix it.

Viafix offers benefits to the retailer and the consumer alike. Especially through combined use in shops, online and offline channels, brochures and direct marketing.

The consumer will be relieved of conversion thresholds such as postponing, submitting data, waiting at the checkout counter or lugging purchased products. The retailer will get the opportunity to offer the consumer different routes leaving the advertisement: on the one hand towards the (web) shop, maximizing the chance of cross sell and upsell, on the other hand towards the Viafix app, optimizing the conversion chances. All offline efforts are measurable directly, and sales can be directly attributed to individual shop affiliates, advertisements, direct marketing actions and other commercial actions.