ViaFix uses cookies to help provide its services.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer receives when you visit one of our websites. Cookies are installed on almost all websites. Because ViaFix needs to use cookies to be able to provide its services via its website, ViaFix would like to give you as much information as possible about the cookies we use.
Cookies ensure, among other things, that whenever you visit the ViaFix site you do not repeatedly receive the same information or keep being asked to enter details more than once. This makes it easier for you to surf our website. It also means we can retain the contents of your basket. Cookies also allow us to monitor how our website is being used as efficiently as possible, enabling us to make improvements. The information below sets out the cookies ViaFix uses in order to enable its online services.

Types of cookie

The cookies used by ViaFix can be broken down into a number of categories:

1. Indispensable cookies and cookies required for service provision
We simply have to use certain cookies if we are to ensure that our website functions properly or are able to deliver a service you have requested, such as an automatic log-in or the automatic entry of your data. You can also use the facility to remember the contents of your basket in the online shop, allowing you to retrieve them if you revisit the shop in the future.

2. Cookie optimisation
We use these cookies, among other things, to collect information to help us see which pages are being visited most frequently, which pages are effective and which pages lead to error messages. We use this information to make our website as user-friendly as possible.
ViaFix does not follow individual visitors.

3. Relevant cookies
From time to time, ViaFix and its advertisers use cookies to provide you with ads we think you’ll be interested in based on previous page requests. ViaFix will ask for your permission to use these cookies.

4. Social media and external cookies
If you log in via social media or another website (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.) and give permission on the ViaFix website for this category of cookie to be used, this will allow you to make use of additional functions, such as the ability to share information through Facebook Like, Google+, Twitter, etc. For more information about the cookies installed by social media services and the data they potentially collect using them, please read the relevant statements on the websites of the service providers in question. Please be aware that these statements may be updated frequently. ViaFix has no control over this.

5. Cookies from third parties
Finally, advertisers featured on the ViaFix site or commissioned by ViaFix use their own cookies, with your permission, to show advertisements that are relevant to you.

Blocking of cookies
It is, of course, possible to block cookies. You also have the right to deny permission. Most internet browsers can be adjusted in such a way that cookies are not accepted. Your browser will determine how you can use such settings. Bear in mind that certain sections of the ViaFix website will not work, or will not work as best they could, if you have blocked cookies. Every browser has its own facility for switching off cookies.

Removing cookies at a later date
After you visit our website, you can choose to remove the cookies from your computer. There will be different ways of doing this, depending on your browser.