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Why Viafix?

Consumers want to be able to seize opportunities wherever they are – easily and quickly. Producers and retailers are keen to facilitate this.

Viafix is there for consumers who have already made their choice; consumers who are adverse to wasting time and energy shopping or completing reply coupons – they just want a quick fix. Fast, easy and safe, whether it’s re-ordering a bag of animal food, purchasing the latest novel by their favourite writer or reacting to a marvellous offer in the newspaper.

The Viafix app provides peace of mind, benefits and adventure. You can react safely at any time and from any place free of charge just by aiming your smartphone at a Viafix bar code. Orders can be submitted 24/7, so by using Viafix on your smartphone, you can get the best deals no matter what time it is, be eligible for great prizes, or compare your opinion with the views of others. Key concepts are: fun, safe, easy and free of charge.

Consumers can order an advertised item directly and with no fuss using Viafix: the person placing the order doesn’t even have to go to a web shop or store, something which they might never get round to doing. Thanks to Viafix, proposition and purchasing decision take place in an altogether different context. Nor does Viafix require any pre-payment, but it does save on costs (order intake), improve data quality and response insight and increase conversion rates.

All media; ranging from indoor and outdoor advertising to print dailies or weeklies and product packaging. Also on radio and television, and even via word-of-mouth advertising thanks to the possibility of entering codes manually to share with others from the app.

Publishers are struggling with dwindling paid circulation and decreasing advertising income. Magazines are enjoying renewed appeal thanks to this concept, because of the chances to win featured in advertisements. Advertisements are gaining value because of easier response and more measurable results. Acquiring subscribers and setting up loyalty campaigns is also becoming more effective. The information that publishers can collect about the interests, opinions, assessments and conversion ratios of their target groups is of strategic importance.

Viafix is ideal for web shops that want to reach new customers. Many purchasing decisions are not made when people are browsing a web shop or visiting a store, but wherever they happen to be when they decide they want something – perhaps in their kitchen or bathroom. Because their smartphone is often within reach, customers can place their spur-of-the-moment orders quickly and easily using Viafix.

By offering their products in Viafix, web shops can get the attention of potential customers at precisely the right moment, with no costs. As soon as the customers submits an order, the relationship can be extended further by means of offers, promotions, and obviously above all by excellent service provision.

As well as providing an excellent tool to acquire new customers, Viafix is also a superior vehicle for improving service provision to existing customers. Purchasers do not always feel like going through the web shop purchasing process for a single product even if they do have time, so purchases are postponed, made somewhere else at a convenient opportunity, or simply forgotten. Thanks to Viafix, the ordering relationship remains intact, especially when someone doesn’t want to shop, but just wants a quick fix.

Viafix is also ideal for regular shops that want to reduce their stocks and extending their product range while making purchasing easier by eliminating queues at the tills and the need for customers to carry around the items they have purchased. So a customer can have that practical laundry rack or that stylish occasional table delivered to their home without ever having to pass through a checkout. This is how shopping can really become fun.

Many retailers can barely cope with the competition battle in their catchment area. This is a social issue: as inner cities increasingly suffer from low employment and living standards, the range of products offered in the shops becomes steadily more meagre.

Thanks to Viafix, shops can now focus more on showcasing and inspiration. The simplicity of ordering through Viafix means that a smaller area is required for counters and stock, leaving more scope for presentation of the product range and meaning that even items that are not locally available can also be sold. This combines the price efficiency and completeness of a web shop with the inspiration and service that can only be provided in a physical store – a combination that consumers really value.

How does Viafix work?

The company name already offers a clue; Viafix is not itself a provider of services or products but a go-between through which you can order and react to advertisements.

Quite simple. When you see an item that you want, you scan the bar code on the product or in the advertisement. If there isn’t a bar code, just type in the name of the product. Once the app has found what you’re looking for, you’ll be done in just two clicks.

Advertisers generate a Viafix bar code within the Viafix portal and place it in their advertisement. Once the code has been scanned with the free Viafix app, it retrieves the corresponding offer plus response form. You will be prompted to enter the data required the first time you use the app, after which this will be stored in the app (on your own phone – not in central storage on a server) for future use. A signature can be added in the form on the screen if required, after which the data is sent securely to Viafix, both as a pdf file and as a data string. The advertisers can then retrieve the data securely from the portal, after which the personal details are removed at Viafix.

The code, which may also be in the form of a text, can be entered manually as well. This is a handy feature for radio and television, outdoor advertising and word-of-mouth advertising.

In addition to advertised codes, account keepers with a web shop can also upload a product feed at Viafix. If the product code is scanned, all stockists in the relevant catchment area will be displayed. The user can then opt for a provider, after which the latter can securely retrieve the order from the portal.

Both! Depending on the campaign type, the best usable type of scannable code is used. That can also be an article code on a package.

  • • Scan & Win: Easy eligibility for free prize-winning chances. The terms
    ‘free’ and ‘prize winning chance’ are imperative in this context. Something like a brochure or a product sample can also be supplied provided it is free of charge.
    • Scan & Order: Easy acceptance of an advertised offer.
    This could also be a free offer such as a brochure or a product sample. A prize-winning chance could be connected to the order, but not in the combination of free plus a winning chance.
    • Scan & Vote: Compare your opinion with that of others easily and quickly.
    This can be done using statements (agree/disagree) or ratings (score from 1 to 10).

Regular bar codes on product packaging can also be scanned as well as the special Viafix codes in advertisements; alternatively, advertised codes can be entered or product names can be searched manually.

No, Viafix can only process advertisement codes that are recognised by the app.

The app is currently available for iOS (Apple) and Android (on Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony Ericsson among others). There is no plan to introduce other platforms for the time being.

The offer from providers is without obligation. Orders are not without engagement. If a provider accepts an order, a binding agreement has been reached to which the conditions stipulated by the provider will apply.

A provider may refrain from accepting an order and make another offer, perhaps because a product is no longer available but there are alternatives. An agreement will have been reached if this new offer is accepted.

The providers themselves collect the amount due, for example, through automatic collection, acceptance giro, a link to an IDEAL payment platform or payment on the doorstep. In individual cases, some providers may require payment in advance.

There are no delivery charges for orders in excess of € 20.00 in most cases.

The role of Viafix is strictly limited to the transfer of your order. If the order can be retrieved from the order history of the menu in the app, you can be sure that the order was made available to the provider in question. You should contact the provider if you have any questions about the further progress of the order.

How safe is Viafix?

The data submitted with an order is saved until it has been received by the provider in question. Shortly afterwards (in principle after one week, for quality assurance reasons) all personal data is deleted by Viafix.

This means that Viafix does not save your personal data. You may, however, want to keep the information in the app on your phone for your own convenience, but that is not necessary.

Only the data shown to you for approval prior to submission.

Yes. Please also refer to our privacy statement.

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