Follow the simple roadmap below in order to create a raffle campaign with a survey. In order to create a raffle campaign, you will need a free Viafix account.

Step 1 - Create account or login

First of all, we would like to ask you to create a free account or, if you already have an account with us, log in with your account details. The following steps should be taken in your account, which will open on a new tab in your browser.

Step 2 - Create questionnaire

Please watch our instruction video (Dutch spoken) below for creating a raffle campaign with survey (Scan & Win) in your account. If you are not able to watch the video, you may follow the instructions next to the video instead. The creation of the questionnaire in the raffle campaign is explained below the video in more detail.

  1. Select “Campaign overview”, create a new campaign under a name of your choice and save the campaign.
  2. Click on the blue list box at the top right and select “Scan & Win”.
  3. Enter name and attributes of the campaign and set a duration for the campaign.
  4. Enter your proposition followed by the description that should be displayed in the app.
  5. Select a picture to be shown at the start of the order request.
  6. Compose the questionnaire. See the explanation below the video.
  7. If applicable, add your terms and conditions that will be displayed below the general conditions of Viafix.

A questionnaire can be created as follows:

  1. Select a type of question. The possibilities are open question, multiple choice question and yes/no question (check box). The order of the question types is fixed.
  2. For a multiple choice question, add the possible answer options (at least two). The yes/no question would be suitable for a customer request to receive a newsletter or your request for any form of permission, such as an opt-in.
  3. Expand the questionnaire by adding a question and repeating steps 1 and 2. We advise you though to limit your survey to five questions maximum in order to safeguard response levels.

Step 3 - Publication

You have just created a campaign. We recommend to perform the following actions now.

Testing campaign

First, it will be useful to test your campaign. Open the ViaFix app on your phone, scan the promotional code at the top of your campaign screen and check that the campaign appears correctly in your phone. If the promotional code is not visible, you can download the promotional code to your computer via the “Download” button. Second, you should test the landing page that will appear when you use your campaign online. For this step, copy the promotional link at the top of your screen (with “scancode =” in the link), copy it to your browser and check the result.

Publication promotional code

As soon as you are convinced of the correctness of your campaign, you can download the code in different formats to your computer via the “Download” button. These files also include a Photoshop format (EPS) that you can use directly in the design of your advertisement.