Viafix will make organizing a small survey no more than a small effort. Use the compact and handy questionnaire inside the Viafix portal to obtain exactly those answers from your target group that you require to make the right decisions. Raffle a couple of attractive prizes among the participants and the success of your survey is assured.

You will have three different question types to choose from: open questions for obtaining typed answers, multiple choice questions for fixed answer options and checkbox (yes/no) questions for obtaining permission, for example an opt-in for a newsletter.

Inside your own Viafix account, a Scan & Win campaign and questionnaire are created in no time. Click on the button below the overview of the logos and we will guide you through a simple roadmap.

Overview applications and logos

Online clickable – the clickable blue Scan & Win logo can be used for online applications, such as a questionnaire on Facebook or in your web shop. Upon clicking this logo, your customer or prospect will be guided directly to the landing page of your survey in the browser (desktop, laptop or tablet) or in the Viafix app (smartphone). In case the app is not installed, the download page will automatically appear.

Offline via scanner – the scannable QR code can be recognized by the same logo in the center of the code and can be used in combination with the Viafix app on any conceivable surface at close range, whether it’s a newspaper page, a billboard or a screen in a kiosk. Upon scanning this QR code using the Viafix app, your customer or prospect will be guided directly to the landing page of your survey.

Offline via keyboard – the word code can be identified by the same logo as well and is suitable for applications where the scanner of the Viafix app can not be used, for example with a billboard at large distance or with an overhead screen in an exhibition hall. Upon typing the word code shown in the Viafix app, your client or prospect will be led directly to the landing page of your survey.

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