Increase the reach of your sales displays, increase your target audience. By using the new Viafix Fast Checkout codes you will accomplish direct conversion and more sales from your web shop, your internet kiosk or the electronic display in your shop window.

Viafix Fast Checkout codes enable direct sales of your items from any sales display without accounts, logins or passwords. This will ensure minimum purchase obstacles for your customers: scanning, payment, ready. A Fast Checkout code next to your product invites faster purchase decisions and therefore higher conversion and sales:

Webshop or webpage – display a Fast Checkout code on your webpage or in your webshop and accomplish direct sales in the Viafix app. Your customers will not have to open an account at the webshop and will concentrate on the purchase decision immediately. Deliver your product feed to us in XML format, register your company with our payment partner Mollie and your products can be paid directly from our app after the scan. Sales information is delivered directly to your sales system via our API. In this way, Viafix is ​​not only the shortest but also the easiest way from your warehouse to your customer.

Internet kiosk or advertising display – tired of paying high advertising costs for glossy advertising on all kinds of displays in public areas? How do you measure the effectiveness of your investment? Simple. Display a Viafix Fast Checkout code next to your product and be assured of direct conversion without competitor visibility and with the lowest possible purchase obstacles. Each display will become a sales channel and the automated delivery to your sales system will tell you exactly which sales have been realized at which location.

Inside your own Viafix account, selling your products through Fast Checkout codes can be managed effectively. Click the button under the overview of the logos and we will guide you through a simple roadmap.

Overview applications and logos

Fast Checkout QR code – display a Viafix Fast Checkout QR code next to your product on each sales display: on a webshop page, in an internet kiosk, and on electronic displays in shop windows, exhibition halls, railway stations and airports. The versatile Viafix scanner will allow you to accomplish direct sales with the lowest possible purchase obstacles from any visible location. Your product can be paid directly in the Viafix app through a payment method of your customer’s choice.

Fast Checkout logo – on smartphones and small tablets, the Viafix Fast Checkout code displayed on your webpage is automatically shown as a clickable logo. In this way, you will be assured of direct purchases without accounts, logins or passwords via small touch screens. Just click, pay, ready. That’s Viafix.

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