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Viafix is a new app that allows you to search, order and pay for millions of products quickly and easily. We cannot say it any shorter or simpler!

Through the Viafix app you can respond quickly and easily to advertisements in newspapers and online, allowing you to order products, participate in raffles or cast your vote or review. You can also order products directly through the name of the item or the bar code on the packaging. Soon you will also be able to pay for those orders in the app, for example using iDeal or your credit card.

The Viafix app is equipped with a scanner that allows you to scan bar codes and QR codes. For example, you can easily respond to an advertisement using the QR code in the newspaper or in a magazine, or reorder a box of cat food by scanning the barcode on the packaging. Instead of scanning, you can also type code words for campaigns or product names, or click our logo in an online offer.

No. The Viafix app keeps your profile data, such as your name and (email) address, on your phone only as to allow you to easily order a next time. This information will only be sent to the supplier upon your response to an advertisement or order. Viafix does not retain this data itself after the order has been completed.

Absolutely. And it will remain free, no matter how long you will keep using it.

The Viafix app is available in the App Store for iPhone and in the Google Play Store for all Android smartphones such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Ericsson, HTC, Huawei and others.

No. Viafix is independent and matches supply and demand. As a consumer, you have a choice of hundreds of thousands of different products from a great deal of different suppliers.

No. Viafix is only a mediator. A lot of online shops are linked to Viafix because they find it very attractive to present their assortment in the Viafix app. During the ordering process you will always see very clearly from which online shop or other supplier you will order the item.

No. Viafix is only a mediator. You will order the item directly from the supplier and in many cases the item will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

Exactly: a shopping plaza where you can just walk around from your lazy chair. You can search your favorite items in the assortment of all stores on the “square” at a glance, read the product descriptions and compare the prices. And then you can order them directly in the app.

Viafix provides access to the assortment of a great deal of suppliers. Many of them are already linked to Viafix so you can order from these suppliers directly through the Viafix app. But even if the suppliers are not yet linked to Viafix, you will find their assortment in the app.

Viafix is an independent platform where supply and demand come together. If you use an app from a specific supplier you will only see the assortment of that supplier. Through Viafix you will see the assortment of a great deal of different suppliers so you can properly compare them.

Soon you will be able to use Viafix to pay for orders inside the Viafix app, for orders from online shops featuring a Viafix QR code, and for purchases in conventional shops displaying a Viafix QR code on their payment terminal. Viafix is the fastest and easiest way to pay, without PIN codes, without any hassle. And completely safe.

Yes, very soon. Then it will become possible to share offers with your friends directly from the app via social media.

Absolutely. Viafix is a Dutch company and adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act and European privacy guidelines. In addition to that, Viafix does not retain your data. As soon as the supplier has received your order through us, your data will disappear from our server. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Viafix is available in the App Store for iPhone and in the Google Play Store for all Android smartphones such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Ericsson, HTC, Huawei and others.

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