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"Look, click & done an investment that benefits everyone"
In late 2014, in a bid to stimulate innovative spirit in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Economic Affairs selected a bunch of promising initiatives from the hundreds of entries it received.

We were among those selected, which is part of the reason behind ViaFix; an online platform and mobile app that makes life just that little bit easier and more fun for everyone.
ViaFix is a single app that enables you to order products and services, request information or take part in promotions, competitions and polls with total ease– whatever the brand, whatever the medium.

Whether you’re ordering a promoted product, a subscription or a recipe; whether you’re responding to a statement, signing up for a competition or entering an exciting prize draw!

Consumers aren’t generally keen on wasting time and energy shopping or completing forms – they just want a quick fix. With ViaFix, that’s now possible! ViaFix doesn’t put demands on its users, it simply helps them do what they want, and fast. ViaFix is not about informing or comparing, it’s about sorting and ticking. It’s not about shopping, it’s about collecting. It’s not about dithering, it’s about doing.

ViaFix gets the job done, quickly and easily. No need to worry about having to know how a process works every time you place an order or enter an event. No more having to keep re-entering data. Now it's simply a matter of 'look, click, ready'. ViaFix leaves users free to get the results they want in a shorter space of time.

Viafix: giving consumers what they want
Generic:a single app that can be used for placing orders and entering competitions.
Fun: Scan & Win offers exciting chances to win without any effort or cost.
Speed: Look, Click, Ready.
Ease: almost effortless, with no need to register, subscribe or pay upfront.
Instant results: wherever, whenever. No need to wait; here and now.
Free of charge: download and use for free.
Secure: Pay later, no log-in required.
Simplicity: Quicker and easier than using online shops, vouchers or call centres. Ideal for those with limited computer skills or impaired mobility (no more trips to the letterbox or the shops) or those who are reluctant to use call centres, such as the elderly, people with learning difficulties, the deaf or hard of hearing.

ViaFix: giving advertisers what they want:
Direct sales: via ordering directly from advertisements.
Direct lead generation: from prize competitions featured in advertisements.
Impact data for individual advertisements:
evaluation of advert design, proposition, location, moment and medium.
Enhanced response: thanks to the ease and instant nature of the app.
Improved data quality: better than forms, vouchers or call centres.
More reliable orders: thanks to the user relationship.
Lower response handling costs:
save on order entry and call centres.
Instant response: provides enhanced analysis plus more opportunities for location-specific/time-limited campaigns.

ViaFix offers “the next level”
Sales: Instantly from all media, direct marketing, door-to-door advertising plus indoor /outdoor advertising.
Branding: promotion of ideas or experiences through the targeted placement of giveaways and discount codes.
Attractive: customers can collect items from actual stores or redeem promotional codes in online shops.
Loyalty: instant improvement in brand perception thanks to distinctive promotions or offers featuring specific locations and/or events.
Appropriate: offers consistent with a given event or location – holiday resorts, visitor attractions, events or shops.
Viral: manual entry of socially dispersed codes. For example: ‘Enter the text/code you have received from your circle of friends to take part in the promotion/claim your prize’.
Retail: increased turnover thanks to greater convenience and more choice per m2 in-store area. Including items not in stock. Fewer till transactions and improved logistics mean lower costs per outlet.

ViaFix has a wide range of application, including:
Subscriber acquisition: scan a code in a magazine and become a subscriber.
Donor acquisition: scan a code in an advertisement and become a donor.
Customer acquisition: scan a code to confirm a supply agreement or subscription.
Sales: scan codes to submit an order.
Lead generation: scan a code to agree to receive customised offers and become eligible for an attractive gift.
Loyalty: scan the code to receive a gift or a discount code. (Not a customer? Receive an email explaining how to become one).
Affiliate: scan an offer for a trial subscription to a magazine when you’re staying in a holiday cottage and take delivery of your first copy even while you’re there.
Retail: scan the code in a shop to order a colour or size that’s not in stock.
Shopping areas: scan 24/7 from shop windows and bus shelters on the way home and have items delivered to your door.

ViaFix has been developed by experts.
The brains behind ViaFix have wide experience in the development and management of complex
platforms and the handling of large volumes of data. With proven ability in aspects such as data security, up-time, user-friendliness and management reporting, ViaFix is familiar with the language, working practices and interests of marketing & communications departments in all manner of organisations, including non-profit, B2B, B2C and government institutions.

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