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ViaFix allows consumers to track an order or participation impulses quickly and easily. Frustrating delays and cancellations are significantly reduced thanks to tailored content (only “need-to-decide” info) and low response barriers. This makes ViaFix the fastest way of getting measurable results for engagements (clicks) and conversions (leads/sales) from offline advertising campaigns.

In the case of online advertisements, the conversion rate is raised because alternative propositions from online shops and other sites are blocked, eliminating sources of distraction and/or uncertainty. The consumer remains exclusively within the proposition (including in the app), making it possible to complete the ordering or registration process in just two clicks.

It takes time and money to build an effective proposition-specific response page for online advertisements. On top of that, the response volume may be unclear at the outset. With ViaFix, it’s possible to collect responses reliably, quickly, easily and at no cost – including individual images and text. The small fee only applies to the actual responses recorded – if you want to conduct a poll, it’s always free of charge. With ViaFix, therefore, there are fewer barriers to the implementation of new and more accurately targeted campaigns.

Since it’s easy for any advertisement to carry another response code free of charge, ViaFix makes it possible to check exactly what triggers each response; the reporting element of the free account makes this easy to monitor.

It’s also possible to scan the bar code on product packaging, which means every single product can become an additional sales channel because individual items can be traced from your online shop or that of other ViaFix partners. Perfect for product samples, gadgets and low-frequency repeat orders (slow movers) such as vacuum cleaner bags and perfume.

ViaFix can also be used for leaflets – digital or otherwise – and DM campaigns.

ViaFix saves on costs (order intake), enhances data quality, improves insight into response and increases conversions.

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