"Producers as a sales channel’"
ViaFix, producers can rest assured that their products will, quite literally, sell themselves. Every single day, all manner of different items are admired - and possibly even craved - by millions of people the world over: a fashion item, for example, or the decor in a particular restaurant. You clock something you like – a coat, a bag or a vase – but, all too often, you simply can’t find it anywhere in the shops. With ViaFix, a code or product name can be all it takes to put you on the right track, helping you locate the item you want in next to no time and enabling you to order it in just a couple of clicks.

ViaFix is also great when it comes to re-ordering. Competition between shops is always strong, so it’s easy to find something that’s nearly the same. With ViaFix, however, you can make repeat purchases quickly and easily, with no risk of ordering the wrong item.

Getting new products onto the market can sometimes be tough; retailers aren’t always willing to come on board from the outset. With ViaFix, every advertisement is a potential sales channel, making product launches easy.

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