"Increased advertising value’"
ViaFix offers new opportunities and benefits for providers of advertising space.
Using ViaFix improves:

Value of the advertising medium thanks to attractive prize draws and benefits stemming from privileges

Advertising power:

direct sales from direct orders

leads generated from prize draws

impact data broken down for individual advertisements

(Ad format, proposition, location, moment and medium).

Insight into response differences among advertisers and the future value of customers

Insight into response differences among advertisement designs, proposition, location, moment and medium (leading to improved targeting of customers)

Insight into the interests of the medium range, which also provides better input for editorial staffs and designers
ViaFix offers a portal to publishers, operators and providers of all types of advertising space, which they can integrate into their own websites. This portal allows clients to:

create code numbers with matching templates containing the offer

download code illustrations for placement in advertisements

securely download response data (data string and signature on agreement pdf file)

view response reports ... and much, much more!

The portal guarantees providers a detailed reporting environment encompassing all customer responses to the codes they have created at no additional cost, although promotional support from the provider is expected, for example through advertisements (with stopping power) which explain the app and/or editorial features.

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