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"Shopping for inspiration; scanning rather than waiting and carrying items around"
ViaFix is great for retailers who want to see less stock and fewer tills on the shop floor, preferring to display a more diverse product range instead. It’s great for retailers who prefer to focus on showcasing their products and inspiring customers; who want to make shopping easier by getting rid of queues at the tills and the need for customers to carry around the things they have bought. This means customers can have a new duvet, winter coat or stylish coffee table delivered to their door without ever having to go through the checkout.

This is how shopping really becomes fun. It combines the price efficiency and comprehensiveness of the online shop with the inspiration and level of service provided by an actual shop on the high street – a combination that consumers will love.
ViaFix is also ideal for retailers who want to reach new customers whilst retaining their existing clientele. These days, people often make purchasing decisions on the spur of the moment, even when they’re not actually in the store or browsing an online shop – they might be on the road or even simply in their bathroom. Because they’ll often still have their smartphone within reach, consumers can use ViaFix to make their impulse purchases in a matter of seconds. With ViaFix, new and existing customers can see the shop at exactly the right moment, in other words at that point when they get the urge to impulse buy, without the need to go shopping.

ViaFix can benefit retailers and consumers alike, especially if used in combination in shops, online and offline channels, for flyers and direct marketing.

Consumers can avoid those tiresome barriers to conversion (such as delays, the entering of data, checkout queues or the need to carrying their purchases around). The retailer can offer consumers a range of options from a single advertisement, whether directing them to an actual store or an online shop where the chances of cross-selling and upselling will be maximised, or the ViaFix app, ensuring the best chance of instant conversion. All offline efforts can be measured immediately whilst turnover figures can be traced back to individual chain shops, advertisements or DM campaigns in an instant.

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