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ViaFix is the easiest way by far to place orders and respond to ads and win prizes. You can also vote in polls easily and see the views of others instantly.

No need to bother with logins or leaky accounts.

Simply click and get it done. Just what we’ve been waiting for, right?


You spot an ad - in a shop, a window display or at home; simply scan the bar code using the free ViaFix app, or type in the name of the product.

The product or the offer is immediately shown on your screen.

Simply click and get it done. No need to create an account and in many cases no need even to pay in advance.

Placing your order? As easy as scan, click, done.


Why do things the hard way? We believe that our technology can help to make people's lives easier whilst adding an element of fun.:

Convenience: order what you want, quickly and easily

Fun: attractive chances to win and live monitoring of poll results

Security: no account required. Payment normally taken after delivery.
About ViaFix

Late in 2014, to stimulate a climate of innovation in the Netherlands, the In late 2014, in a bid to stimulate innovative spirit in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Economic Affairs selected a bunch of promising initiatives from the hundreds of entries it received.

We were among those selected, which is part of the reason behind ViaFix; an innovative concept featuring an online platform and mobile app that makes life just that little bit easier and more fun for everyone.

Whether you’re wanting to enter a competition, take part in a poll, register for an event, request information, order or pay for a product without having to go through the checkout, you can now do it all using a single, consumer-friendly app - whatever the brand or medium. Look, click, ready!
In 2015, a group of investors joined the business and, in 2016, ViaFix became part of the Microsoft BizSpark Plus programme through which Microsoft supports selected start-ups by giving practical support and advice.

All manner of retail outlets, online shops and advertisers are already using ViaFix to help customers find what they’re offering and respond to what they see. With numbers increasing every day, ViaFix is collaborating with, among others, providers of advertising space and other
partners to offer them as much added value as possible.